[OpenAFS] Hardware Grants from Sun

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 09:23:21 -0600

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Tom has proposed that OpenAFS submit a hardware grant request to Sun. 
> It is believed that we can obtain up to $100,000 in 1U X86 boxes that we
> could use for a test infrastructure.  Sun may be tempted to provide this
> equipment if OpenAFS was to state a desire to target OpenSolaris as a
> preferred operating system for OpenAFS deployments.
> Please let us know if you believe this is a good or bad idea.

Many sites, including ours, has used Solaris (on sparc) for AFS servers
forever with great success.

Hopefully this would work both ways with Sun paying more attention
to OpenAFS's needs with any work done with OpenSolaris  filtering
into the Solaris products.  Sun developers might take a closer look
at OpenAFS and its PAG, and token handling needs. Thy appear to be
at odds with what they want to do with NFSv4.

So getting 100,000 in equipment is only part of it. If you are
willing to state a desire to taget OpenSolaris, Sun should be willing
to state a desire to integration of AFS credential handling
in there products too, like ssh delegation of credentials to get
AFS tokens, and having home directories in AFS.

> Jeffrey Altman


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