[OpenAFS] Hardware Grants from Sun

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:09:37 -0500

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Tom has proposed that OpenAFS submit a hardware grant request to Sun. 
> It is believed that we can obtain up to $100,000 in 1U X86 boxes that we
> could use for a test infrastructure.  Sun may be tempted to provide this
> equipment if OpenAFS was to state a desire to target OpenSolaris as a
> preferred operating system for OpenAFS deployments.
> Please let us know if you believe this is a good or bad idea.

I believe this is a good idea - Recently Notre Dame's CTO was
at their corporate facility and mentioned our testing of
OpenAFS on Solaris 10. Sun was interested in the amount of
work being done with OpenAFS - using ZFS - especially using their
x4500 (Thumper) servers.  I would expect to find them quite willing
to provide both hardware and software resources.


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