[OpenAFS] Is AFS suitable for this scenario?

Jacobo García jacobo.garcia@the-cocktail.com
Wed, 03 Jan 2007 12:31:09 +0100

Hello, first of all I want to thank everyone on the list for their time
in reading this message. 

I am looking for a high availability and backup solution for the files
stored on a server of the company where I work.

At the moment we have all files on a single production server which is
operated via ssh. Let's call it server A

Actually this server exports via NFS a directory on 6 more servers that
perform reads and writes on the exported directory through a rails

All machines are running Debian Sarge and are operated remotely via ssh.

First of all I want to implement an instant replication solution in
another machine.

Next step would be that if server A falls server B could take his place
and that should be transparent to the rails app.

Can I use AFS for this tasks?, what steps do you think are important to
achieve this goals?

Thanks again for your time.

Jacobo García López de Araujo.