[OpenAFS] "localhost" entries appearing in VLDB & preventing full release of root.cell and other volumes

Dave COTTLE scorch@muse.net.nz
Fri, 19 Jan 2007 23:02:09 +1300

hi afs-ers,

there seems to be a small problem with the root.cell & other volumes here as seen in the VLDB. i'd love some advice on why this might be happening & suggestions how to resolve it.

for some reason many of the volumes have duplicated entries as localhost.muse.net.nz instead of their usual hostname.muse.net.nz. i would have expected that the NetInfo file should prevent this sort of thing from happening & it appears to be correctly set on all afs servers (DB & VOL). for the volume below, only 3 replicas were expected (rw, ro on same partition, ro on other host).

as a result, vos release or similar commands falls over miserably.

platform is OpenBSD 4.0 & 3.9, i386 boxes, openafs1.4.0p4 from packages, running standard ARLA client.

please let me know if any other info might help.


root@sendai:/ $ vos exa root.cell
Could not fetch the information about volume 536870915 from the server
: Operation not supported by device
Volume does not exist on server localhost.muse.net.nz as indicated by the VLDB

Dump only information from VLDB

    RWrite: 536870915     ROnly: 536870916     RClone: 536870916
    number of sites -> 4
       server continuity.muse.net.nz partition /vicepa RO Site  -- Old release
       server sendai.muse.net.nz partition /vicepa RO Site  -- New release
       server localhost.muse.net.nz partition /vicepa RW Site  -- New release
       server localhost.muse.net.nz partition /vicepa RO Site  -- New release
root@sendai:/ $ cat /etc/hosts
#     $OpenBSD: hosts,v 1.11 2002/09/26 23:35:51 krw Exp $
# Host Database
# RFC 1918 specifies that these networks are "internal".
::1 localhost.muse.net.nz localhost localhost.muse.net.nz localhost
::1 sendai.muse.net.nz sendai sendai.muse.net.nz sendai
root@sendai:/ $ cat /etc/hostname.fxp0
inet        0xffffff00      NONE
alias       0xff000000
alias       0xff000000
alias       0xff000000
root@sendai:/ $ cat /var/openafs/local/NetInfo
root@sendai:/ $