[OpenAFS] Is OpenAFS the right solution for this?

Mustafa A. Hashmi mahashmi@gmail.com
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:02:35 +0500

On 1/22/07, Christopher D. Clausen <cclausen@acm.org> wrote:
> I'm guesing that GFS would be best perfromance wise in your situation,
> although I'm not sure you can mirror it across two disk servers.

Note: GFS requires shared storage. Local storage can be exported to
other nodes via gndb, but that makes for a highly 'unavailable' setup.
 Look at LVM mirroring if you're interested in such setups using local

> Using AFS with something that does block-level replication will likely
> cause you pain.  Thats not to say that it won't work, its just that AFS
> wasn't designed to be used in this way.  If you do go with AFS, I'd
> suggest simply using the AFS replication method to mirror data every 15
> minutes or so to another file server.  Or use each client machine and
> mirror at that level (host based mirroring.)

Other than what Christopher is suggesting, I would also recommend you
have a look at Lustre (http://www.lustre.org &
http://www.clusterfs.com).  Lustre uses local storage and integrates
with linux-ha quite well. You can run it on-top of drbd devices for a
highly available active/active setup.
Mustafa A. Hashmi