[OpenAFS] Re: Is OpenAFS the right solution for this?

Joe Buehler aspam@cox.net
Mon, 22 Jan 2007 17:43:44 -0500

> Oh one more thing to add, we are going to turn the current 16 drive
> raid into two replicated 8 drive raids using DRBD to replicate between
> the new "fileserver' and a live spare. Not sure if that will make a
> difference. I am thinking that part should work fine regardless of
> which of the 3 options I go with.

Make sure you test this.  We have a two-machine cluster that uses
AFS on top of DRBD and have performance problems that we haven't been
able to track down.  Currently we're bringing up a CentOS 4.4 replacement
cluster to see whether it will work better than the Redhat 9 one
we currently use.

Joe Buehler