[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] SOS: AFS instllation/Configuration

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 06:48:09 -0500

Writes "Srikanth Bhaskar" <srikanth.bhaskar@gmail.com>:
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> From: "Srikanth Bhaskar" <srikanth.bhaskar@gmail.com>
> To: openafs-devel@openafs.org, openafs-info@openafs.org
> Subject: [OpenAFS-devel] SOS: AFS instllation/Configuration
> Hi All Again!
> I have been trying to install/configure AFS since more than a week now. I
> have tried it on Windows (2003), Linux (RHEL 3, FC3), Solaris (10) and AIX(
> 5.3). I have been ending up with a different set of errors each time and
> everytime.
> I have downloaded the rpms for FC3 and have installed the rpms. I see that
> all the binaries and the config related files exist in their paths. But now,
> when I try to set the cell, I end up with this error:
> [root@bri6506-5-fc3-1 etc]# ls
> CellServDB  ThisCell
> [root@bri6506-5-fc3-1 etc]# /usr/bin/bos setcellname bri6506-5-fc3-1
> afs.ca.com -noauth
> bos: failed to set cell (could not find entry)
> Could anyone please help me with the correct steps after installing the rpms
> for FC3?
> Many Thanks,

What instructions were you following?
Where did you look to find instructions?  Perhaps we can arrange
to have better instructions in those places for those who follow

You don't note what you have in "CellServDB" (or ThisCell), but an empty
server list would likely produce the error you saw.  Don't do that; your
only recourse at that point is to stop bosserver and hand-edit CellServDB to
make it right.  This is probably what you should be doing in the first

The instructions I use are here:
		(later version, local paths)
		(earlier version, with notes on possible RH paths)
If you can't read afs, try
the process described there is very much like what's automated in
Sam Hartman's(?) debian install process.  It avoids the need to use
"-noauth" and starts right off with Kerberos 5.  If you are successful
with those instructions (or not), you should let people know.  Since
they aren't the official instructions, they probably describe some
things better and some things worse.  If you don't have writable afs
space elsewhere, you will have to be a bit creative with the last part
of these instructions (ie, you'll have to bring up a separate dedicated
client at exactly the right point and with the correct configuration to
mount your newly minted root volume.)  These instructions should give
you "real" afs space for /afs/ - this is different from what you would
get if you run afsd with "-dynroot", which you apparently won't know
about if you're reading afsd man pages, but which Derrick is expecting
you would have used.  If you do choose to use "-dynroot", you will need
to set up DNS afsdb records which will likely constrain if not dictate
your choice for cell name.

				-Marcus Watts