[OpenAFS] FC6 MIT/Krb5 AFS basic install questions

Doug Hirsch dhirsch@pobox.com
Wed, 13 Jun 2007 09:55:10 -0700

Greetings from Cambridge, up the river from MIT!  I'm out "in the
field" visiting my company headquarters, attending the non-technical
course which justified this trip, trying, during my breaks, to install
an AFS/Kerberos "proof-of-concept" demo cell on an aged i686 desktop
in the lab.  I spent four hours last night flipping between OpenAFS
web site, AFS wiki, Fedora site and wiki, various Kerberos cheat
sheets and RPM intros, and I'm confused about the software
installation order.

I installed Fedora Core 6 from five CDs.  I haven't yet discovered
whether my generic FC6 install included MIT Kerberos 5, and I suspect
I'll piece that information together this afternoon.

If I have to install Kerberos software, do I want to install the
software after, or before the AFS software?  Will some libraries be

The OpenAFS release pages list a bunch of RPMs for each FC release.
Do I take all of them, somehow point Yum at them, or select a specific

Hopefully, I'll see some readers of this list tonight at the BBLISA
meeting.  Meanwhile, if someone will answer this message with
guidance, that would be helpful.  Thanks.

Doug Hirsch