[OpenAFS] vos listvol and vos exam

Steve Devine sdevine@msu.edu
Thu, 28 Jun 2007 09:21:34 -0400

Steven Jenkins wrote:
> On 6/28/07, *Steve Devine* <sdevine@msu.edu <mailto:sdevine@msu.edu>>
> wrote:
>     We have switched some of our servers over to binaries compiled
>     with fast
>     restart.
> Others may disagree, but my opinion is that Fast Restart is not yet
> ready for production use.  Testing is always helpful, though.
Man I'm sorry to hear that .. we used this because we wanted to shorten
the down time for bringing a server back on line when it has 1.2
possible disk space. That a long salvage window but maybe it would have
been worth it.

>     This morning we had to bring a server down for maint and when we
>     brought
>     it back up several of the vols where in need of salvage.
>     I ran vos listvol thinking I would get a list of vols that were
>     offline.
>     Instead it showed all vols as On-line 
> That is news to me (ie, showing all volumes as on-line).  I would love
> to have a copy of
> - bos stat -long
> - vos listvol output,
> - FileLog,
> - any/all salvage logs,
> - VolserLog
>     yet I had to salvage over a dozen
>     that I have found so far.
>     I get waiting for busy volume errors.
>     Any advice how I can locate vols on a fileserver that need  salvaging
>     short of just biting the bullet and salvaging the whole partition.?
>     /sd
> Jeff's advice of looking at FileLog to see what volumes require
> salvaging is where I would start as well.  However, there is different
> behavior w/Fast Restart, so that might not be of help (I've not seen
> the case you describe in the testing I've done, so I'm not sure).
> Thanks,
> Steven
Well Jeff's advice might have helped except the Logs get rolled over
once you do a salvage. I wish i had the presense of mind to grab the
FileLog before I salvaged anything Is there a flag I can set to save
more versions of the logs?

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