[OpenAFS] AFS outage, impact of "moving" root.cell.readonly, root.afs.readonly

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Thu, 10 May 2007 09:18:29 -0700

Christopher D Clausen <cclausen@acm.org> writes:

> And you did NOT use vos remsite on the replication point first?  I 
> suspect that would be a problem.

> I always vos remsite before vos remove / vos zap the old RO replica.  If 
> you don't, I suspect that the vldb might still reference those servers 
> as having RO replicas, even though you removed them with vos remove.

> Perhaps someone else has the definative guide on removing RO replicas 
> from servers and then removing the .readonly volume.

This isn't my experience.  You should be able to remove the .readonly
volume with vos remove and it will do the right thing.  vos remsite should
only be used if you don't care about actually deleting the data (if you're
rebuilding the file server, for instance) or if the volume was never

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