[OpenAFS] AFS Newbie Question

King, Richard (CE1 UNIX Admin) rking@hp.com
Fri, 11 May 2007 16:18:02 -0600

OpenAFS Version: 1.4.4 (Latest Stable Release)
Operating System: SuSE 10.1 (i386)

Hello All!

I am fairly new to compiling openafs from source, and I have a question
on how to install an AFS module during the compile process. I looked in
the README/INSTALL files to see if there was any mention on how to
enable kernel module, but I didn't see anything.=20

What option should I use to create the libafs-
during the compiling process?

In a nutshell, this is my process:

1) ./configure --with-afs-sysname=3Di386_linux26
--with-kernel-headers=3D/usr/src/linux --disable-kernel-module
2) make
3) make dest
4) cd i386_linux26/dest
5) mkdir /usr/afsws
6) rsync -av bin etc include lib /usr/afsws
7) mkdir -p /usr/vice/etc
8) rsync -av root.client/usr/vice/etc/ /usr/vice/etc
9) cp /usr/vice/etc/afs.conf /etc/sysconfig/afs
10) cp /usr/vice/etc/afs.rc /etc/init.d/afs
11) Created the following files in /usr/vice/etc/ with the proper
information: CellServDB, ThisCell, and cacheinfo
12) mkdir /afs & /boot/cache
13) ln -s /boot/cache /usr/vice/cache

# /etc/init.d/afs start
AFS module /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs- does not
exist. Not starting AFS.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.=20

My best to you.

Rick King