[OpenAFS] Re: OpenAFS-info digest, Vol 1 #3573 - 11 msgs

Thomas M. Payerle payerle@physics.umd.edu
Tue, 15 May 2007 11:18:30 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 15 May 2007 openafs-info-request@openafs.org wrote:

> Hi!
> We=B4ve got some win2003 servers which should NOT be equipped with OpenAF=
> S
> client.
> From this server some files (100MB-15GB size) should be saved in OpenAF=
> S.
> Right now we tried to SCP the files via winscp script from the server
> into a debian sarge server with openafs 1.4.2-6 on afs-space.
> (yes, special user with home in OpenAFS and 100GB quota and token via
> ssh login/scp).
> This method works sometimes, sometimes not. The connections breaks down
> nearly everytime while transferring bigger files. For our luck winscp
> uses append...
> If we copy the files to a local home on the debian server, no errors
> appeared.
> Has anyone seen something like that?
> Any other tip for us to copy that files into afs (without installing a
> afs client)?
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer
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What size is the AFS cache on the debian server?  Is the AFS volume you are
storing into hosted on the the debian server?

I suspect the scp process on windows box is timing out while waiting for the 
AFS client on debian box to write the full AFS cache to AFS server.

I do not know if winscp allows for much debug messages.  Does the problem 
occur if after scp'ing to a local disk on debian, you scp the file from
the local disk on debian box to the AFS home dir on debian box (e.g. scp
from debian box to itself)?  If so, you might want to scp with a lot of 
debug flags to see what the scp client says.

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