[OpenAFS] WinSCP onto debian server/openafs storage errors...

scorch scorch@muse.net.nz
Wed, 16 May 2007 22:00:17 +1200

>>>> This method works sometimes, sometimes not. The connections breaks down
>>>> nearly everytime while transferring bigger files. 
>>> Why is the connection failing?

aside from the afs problem, try using robocopy.exe version XP010. this 
is available in the w2k3 resource kit & possibly even free if you look 
in the right place.

it has a couple of options that will auto-retry partially through the 
file transfer & will probably get you the results you need.

robocopy c:/some/big/path //samba/share/dump -e -z

& it will retry from whereeever it left off.

mmm although it won't sort out your afs or nw issues.