[OpenAFS] ubik/udebug strangeness - last vote octets reversed...

Michael Loftis mloftis@wgops.com
Thu, 24 May 2007 13:06:17 -0600

on x86_64 and x86 platforms communicating with my x86_64/amd64 server 
udebug output has reversed octets in the Last yes vote output line. 
Octests are fine from a PPC/OSX Client to the x86_64 machine.  Server 
running Debian Etch w/ openafs 1.4.2-6 packages straight from debian 

it's not in production as of yet so i'm not trying ot replicate with any 
32bit ubiks but i will have to in production.  is this a known bug?  is it 
only cosmetic, or is it more than that?

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