[OpenAFS] Testers wanted

Stephen Joyce stephen@physics.unc.edu
Thu, 24 May 2007 20:46:17 -0400 (EDT)

I believe that having several opensource backup alternatives for OpenAFS is 
in all of our best interests as AFS admins.

BackupPC4AFS, a version of BackupPC modified to dump AFS volumes, is 
significantly more mature than it was last October. I think it's worthy of 
consideration at least by admins of small to medium cells.

Would anyone like to test it out? I welcome feedback, whether positive or 

There are also new detailed installation and configuration instructions 
linked on the project's web site: http://backuppc4afs.sourceforge.net/

They assume you're running a recent version of Debian, but there's nothing 
to stop the software from running on another linux distro. I've also tested 
it on solaris. You will of course need admin access to a production or test 

Cheers, Stephen
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