[OpenAFS] Error 11862791 AFS service may not have started

MG mgmonza@gmail.com
Fri, 09 Nov 2007 00:26:21 -0500

Hello, all,

I started getting this several months ago:  "Error 11862791  AFS service 
may not have started" now whenever I try to obtain tokens in AFS.  This 
is on a Windows XP, SP2 machine.  I don't know what I may have changed 
to cause this, but our installation was going through so many changes 
and upgrades and schedule slippages about that time that I was getting 
seasick just trying to stay on top of things.

To try to cure the problem, I just installed 1.5.1800,"typical" 
configuration, and it's happening in this version too, but it just 
started in the previous installation after a couple of years of working 
without problems.

I know next to nothing about registries, but looking at this page:  
http://www.nabble.com/Error-Number-11862791-t2225811.html, it seems that

should equal "multi-sz"? 

If so, and if the TYPE in my machine's registery key equals REG_MULTI_SZ 
but the DATA equals AFS, could this be the problem?  Should I change the 
DATA to equal MULTI_SZ?

If anyone knows what else may be causing this, I'd appreciate knowing 
that too.  I've already made sure my folders option for working offline 
is unset and my tcp/ip settings allow netbios, so don't what else to check.

Thanks for any help - I can get along without AFS, but its a lot better