[OpenAFS] changing server ip address problems.

Steven James Pelley sjp46@cornell.edu
Fri, 16 Nov 2007 17:17:30 -0500 (EST)

   I recently changed the ip address of my afs server.  This server is the
only component of the afs server- it runs the database servers, file
server, and kerberos 5.  I had tested this before, so that after I
changed the ip address, config files, and dns info I ran into the
problem that a 'vos listvldb' still listed the old ip address.  After a
'bos restart <hostname> fs' everything worked fine and I got on with
life.  This time, however, restarting the fs server does not fix my
problem.  The entries of 'vos listvldb' still show the old ip address. 
I am rather certain that it is contacting the server, as a bos stop
<host> fs followed by a bos status <host> shows that the fs server
stops (and I can start it up again).

   Is there any other way to update the file server to reflect the change
in ip-address?

I'm using the openafs build of openafs-1.4.4 on fedora 7.

Steven Pelley