[OpenAFS] MS Word crashing when opening files, 1.5.27 client

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 27 Nov 2007 22:33:00 +0100

If you set that value to 0, then winword will start but two users on
different machines will be able to open the file at the same time.
Doing so will corrupt the file if both decide to write to it.

Jeffrey Altman

Hans Melgers wrote:
> Thanks Jeffrey.  The older version was in the early stages, we found it
> also happens with 1.5.25.  On some pc's this happens, on others it doesnt.
> So the problem is in winword trying to obtain a lock indefinitely.
> What do you recommend ? is there any (registry) setting that does this ?
> Would this be a solution ? I mean, would winword accept and act on
> changing this setting to 0 ? :
> If the CIFS-AFS server is unable to renew the AFS file server locks,
> then it will invalidate the associated file handles.  This is the same
> behavior that an application will experience if it was using a Windows
> File Share and the connection was broken.   Invalidating the file
> handles prevents subsequent data corruption from taking place.
> If you wish to disable the acquisition of locks from the file server,
> this can be performed using the EnableServerLocks registry value.
> Value: EnableServerLocks
> Type: DWORD {0, 1, 2}
> Default: 1
> Determines whether or not the AFS file server is contacted for
> 0: never obtain server locks
> 1: obtain server locks unless the file server says not to
> 2: always obtain server locks