[OpenAFS] (no subject)

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Wed, 28 Nov 2007 14:44:47 +0100 (CET)

$ /usr/openafs/sbin/afsd -help 
Usage: /usr/openafs/sbin/afsd [-blocks <1024 byte blocks in cache>] [-files <files in cache>] [-rootvol <name of AFS root volume>] [-stat <number of stat entries>] [-memcache] [-cachedir <cache directory>] [-mountdir <mount location>] [-daemons <number of daemons to use>] [-nosettime] [-verbose] [-rmtsys] [-debug] [-chunksize <log(2) of chunk size>] [-dcache <number of dcache entries>] [-volumes <number of volume entries>] [-biods <number of bkg I/O daemons (aix vm)>] [-prealloc <number of 'small' preallocated blocks>] [-confdir <configuration directory>] [-logfile <Place to keep the CM log>] [-waitclose] [-shutdown] [-afsdb] [-files_per_subdir <log(2) of the number of cache files per cache subdirectory>] [-dynroot] [-fakestat] [-fakestat-all] [-nomount] [-backuptree] [-rxbind] [-settime] [-rxpck <set rx_extraPackets to this value>] [-vicepaccess] [-check-partitions] [-help]
Where: -memcache          run diskless
       -nosettime         don't set the time
       -verbose           display lots of information
       -rmtsys            start NFS rmtsysd program
       -debug             display debug info
       -waitclose         make close calls synchronous
       -shutdown          Shutdown all afs state
       -afsdb             Enable AFSDB support
       -dynroot           Enable dynroot support
       -fakestat          Enable fakestat support for cross-cell mounts
       -fakestat-all      Enable fakestat support for all mounts
       -nomount           Do not mount AFS
       -backuptree        Prefer backup volumes for mointpoints in backup volumes
       -rxbind            Bind the Rx socket (one interface only)
       -settime           set the time
       -vicepaccess       Enable direct I/O to visible vicep-partitions
       -check-partitions  Check fileserver partitions and exit

-dynroot is for /afs from CellServDB.
-afsdb is a good thing if you want to access cells that have their info
       in DNS instead of CellServDB