[OpenAFS-Doc] Re: [OpenAFS] Quick Start Guide updated for Kerberos v5

Rob Banz rob@nofocus.org
Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:44:03 -0500

On Nov 29, 2007, at 08:39, chas williams - CONTRACTOR wrote:

> In message <8763zlpuki.fsf@windlord.stanford.edu>,Russ Allbery writes:
>>>       ** about fsck: does solaris use inode, namei or both? Is
>>> clarification needed?
>> Solaris can use either, so yes, clarification is needed.  I'm  
>> fairly sure
>> you don't need the custom fsck if you use namei.
> you do not need the custom fsck for namei.  further, namei only works
> for ufs nonlogging filesystems.  if you have say zfs perhaps, namei
> is your only choice.  given this, i think its reasonable to suggest
> that people just use namei only

Is inode that only works on unlogging ufs, namei works on logging,  
unlogging, zfs, etc. ;)