[OpenAFS] What's the problem with reiser

Rob Banz rob@nofocus.org
Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:57:30 -0500

>> For a cache partition, at least on other *ixes, the cache partition
>> has always needed special attention because of the way its used by  
>> the
>> AFS kernel module.  Certain care has to be taken as to do operations
>> in such a way that kernel deadlocks and such are avoided.  For
>> example, on Solaris you use ufs, however, you can't use logging ufs
>> because of known deadlock problems.
>> I'd assume that the use of ext2 on Linux is for a similar reason.
>> -rob
> Fascinating. I did not know of UFS logging issue on the cache  
> partition.
> Strangely, I haven't heard of any issues. does ext3 have this issue  
> as well?

I had used logging ufs as a cache partition for years without a  
problem as well -- but in the past couple years ran into deadlocks.  I  
remember reliably seeing them under Solaris 10x86 on a Dell 2650 where  
it'd lock up right after AFS started and some automated processes were  
busy trying to access it.