[OpenAFS] Slow AFS performance

Rob Banz rob@nofocus.org
Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:39:26 -0500

> ok, I'm now some better performance out of my FC array. "vos move"  
> of a
> 4.4GB volume from one disk in the FC array to another disk in the  
> array
> only took 16 minutes (4.6MB/s).
> Derrick's suggestion of upgrading to 1.4.5 with namei did the trick.
> Unfortunately, I don't think I can upgrade the firmware or tune the  
> 3511
> array. It's the 3511 expansion unit without the raid controller.  
> It's a

I think 1.4.5 and above has the no-fsync stuff enabled by default,  
which really speeds up operations that do a lot of file creations/ 
deletions such as volume moves.
(if it doesn't, head over to the OpenAFS RT issue tracker and find the