[OpenAFS] Metrics... Definition of "accesses"?

Eric Chris Garrison ecgarris@iupui.edu
Tue, 02 Oct 2007 11:38:59 -0400


My group is trying to come up with some metrics to measure how busy our
OpenAFS service is over time.  We've been looking at the output of "vos
listvol -extended" for ideas.

Things it lists:

Number of "accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)"
Raw Read/Write Stats (same network/diff network vs Auth and Total).

These numbers don't seem to correlate in any direct way.  If I merely do a
directory listing for my own volume, the number of accesses goes up by 9
and there are an additional 2 Auth Reads on a Different Network.

Does anyone know the exact definition of accesses?  One that could be
given to upper management types to define user activity on our servers?

Does anyone else do reporting of this nature?  If so, what do you use as a

Thanks for any suggestions,

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