[OpenAFS] openAFS 1.4.4 - ticket contained unknown key version number

Hamish hamish@travellingkiwi.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 18:27:51 +0100

On Friday 26 October 2007 18:09, Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
> Hamish <hamish@travellingkiwi.com> wrote:
> > On Friday 26 October 2007 17:49, Hamish wrote:
> >> Thanks. I'd just taken that route when I got your reply. (I think I
> >> probably stuffed it up trying to build the second machine &
> >> rerunning some of the commands that should only have been run once.
> >> Joys of trying to adapt a readme I found on the internet that only
> >> deals withinstalling a single machine :).
> >> The local machine works fine now. But when I try to run a command
> >> remotely (e.g. run bos restart from the first server against the
> >> second server I installed) it fails with
> >>
> >> '(you are not authorised for this operation)'
> >>
> >> Both work locally though... And if I append -localauth to the
> >> command on machine1 to restart machine2 it works...
> >
> > Whoops... Telling lies... My token was old... I unlog'ed, kdestroyed
> > and tried again (On machine 2)... kinit works no problems, but aklog
> > is hanging after
> >
> > 'About to revolve name admin to is in cell xxx.xx.x.com'
> Check your AFS server log files for any errors.  I suspect something
> isn't running correctly.  Or, you did not add a PTS account for the user
> you are trying to obtain tokens for.

Spelling mistake in my CellServDB file... Damnit I hate that... I also just 
discovered that aklog won't work unless I've started the AFS client... Didn't 
realise that was mandatory... The user was admin... e.g.

kinit admin

Now it works (getting the tokens), but I'm still not authorised for doing 
restarts of the second server, vos create etc... Nothing logged as to why.

> If you'd like more interactive help, please join the #openafs channel on
> the Freenode IRC network.

Hmm... Wonder if I can get there from here (At a client site, firewall might 
kill me. I may have to work on it over the weekend from home where I can get 
to things like IRC).

Cheers for all your help... pretty damn interactive even over email :)