[OpenAFS] Job opening at Umich

Steve Simmons scs@umich.edu
Mon, 29 Oct 2007 17:45:22 -0400

Advance apologies to anybody who gets more than 1 copy; this is going  
to a number of lists.

We have an opening for a programmer in our group at UM. The details  
of the posting are at the bottom, so you don't need to go hit our web  
page to see it. If you really must, see the posting, you'll need to  
follow this convoluted path:

Open http://www.umich.edu/~jobs
Hit the link for 'External Candidates'
Under 'Visit as guest', hit the button 'Visit today'
Under 'Search for jobs' hit 'Keyword search'
Enter "ITCS" as the keyword and hit 'Search'

A set of openings will come up, The one in our group is #12717  
"Software Engineer Senior/Intermediate". Select that for details. If  
you're interested, hit the 'Apply for Job' button and go through the  
pain of entering your resume/etc into the University system.

A few things I can say about the job aside from what's in the post -

It's in our group. That means you get to work with a bunch of smart,  
dedicated folks doing a mix of sysadmin, programming, development,  
and maintenance. I like our group a lot, and I'm pretty picky. :-)

For a while one of the primary tasks will be working with me on  
kerberos-related stuff, esp. taking Umich patches to kerberos and  
cleaning/upgrading/changing them in such as way as to still meet our  
needs but be acceptable to the kerberos community for inclusion in  
standard MIT kerberos.

There is the inevitable 'whatever else comes up' component. C'est le  
guerre, caveat emptor, etc.

The on-call schedule is not onerous. You get a week of on-call once  
every five or six weeks. On a good week little or nothing happens; in  
my experience 2 out of 3 weeks are good weeks. The others vary from  
slightly irritating to "Holy Shit!"

University benefits can't be beat; inexpensive and comprehensive. 40  
hours per week means 40 hours per week. And unless I'm  
misunderstanding things, since this is an exempt (salaried) position,  
you get 2 vacation days per month. Plus four more days at Christmas.  
No partridges, no pear trees. Sorry. On the other hand, the  
University has a 401k-equivalent package that they will match 2:1  
through the first 5% of your salary; this is equivalent to another  
10% of your salary.

Do not be dismayed by the 'Desired Qualifications' list. It describes  
the perfect person. On the other hand, if you can't meet most of the  
'Minimum Requirements' please don't waste either of our time applying.

If you apply (especially if you're not someone I'd immediately  
recognize) drop me a note directly so I can keep an eye open for it.  
Callbacks and interviews will not start before the position closes  
Nov. 25 unless we get so many qualified applicants we have to start  
interviewing early. So don't expect an immediate response.

Full description follows:


Market Title:  Software Engineer Senior/Intermediate
Department:  ITCS - Information Technology Central Services
FLSA:  Exempt
Salary Range:  $40,000 - $70,000
Hours/Week:  40 Hours
Shift/Hours/Days:  Days, Monday thru Friday
Posting Dates:  10/25/07 thru 11/25/07

In order to receive full consideration, we are requesting that each
candidate provide an ending salary with each position listed on
your resume, and also please state in your cover letter what your
salary expectations are for this position.  This information will
be very helpful in the candidate selection process.


Provides technical advice and leadership to Institutional File
Service and General Purpose Computing Cycles team members.  Mentors
junior staff and helps to provide for long term service support and
stability.  Works with members of campus community to facilitate
service offerings, planning and direction.  Facilitates community
support and coordination with other parts of the organization.
Performs high level analysis and debugging of service issues.
Coordinates and enables ongoing support and maintenance of GPCC and
IFS services not limited to login, statistics, mfile, sftp, AFS,DNS
and related support systems.  Plans and coordinates upgrades to
infrastructure services.   Mentors and assists staff in doing the
same.  Participates and facilitates group efforts designing new
products and services; capacity planning, product roll-outs and
relationships with other units.  Work on C coding projects relating
to OpenAFS, Kerberos and other UMCE technologies in conjunction
with colleagues and other senior level staff.  Reviews, diagnoses
and monitors issues with these systems and their implementation.
Performs analysis of service for performance enhancements, security
concerns and appropriate scaling and implementation.

***This position will require some on-call activity outside of
regular business hours.***

Job Requirements:


Bachelor's degree in the field of information systems, computer
science, mathematics, statistics or an equivalent combination of
education and experience (five to seven years of experience in
computer related fields).  Significant experience with Linux Operating
systems administration.  Experience with UNIX tools such as Perl,
C/C++, Lisp, Lex, Yacc, shell scripting, awk, make and source code
control; extensive experience with AFS, Kerberos, Linux, and DNS/Bind.
Strong C coding skills and experience working on large scale open
source C projects as part of a team.  Strong oral and written
communication skills; strong analytical and problem resolution
skills; demonstrated leadership ability and the  ability to work
as a member of a team.


Seven to ten years experience. Familiarity with the University of
Michigan Computer Environment.  Familiarity with UM and ITCS
organization.  Experience with Statistics, Networking, Linux security,
and large multiuser UNIX environments.  Solid planning and
organizational skills, ability to take healthy initiatives, mentoring
and coaching skills.  Direct experience doing C coding work relating
to OpenAFS, Kerberos or similar technologies.  Experience with
applications administration in a large site distributed environment;
experience with software distribution techniques in a large-site
environment with a particular emphasis on radmind.