[OpenAFS] more on Windows Vista problem

John Tang Boyland boyland@cs.uwm.edu
Sat, 15 Sep 2007 12:19:06 -0500

I just realized I got more information from the student:

] I got Kerberos to validate me, but it only lists the
] Kerberos 4 and 5 identity, it does not have an afs
] identity justs lists the afs as blank. When i try to
] start the afs service it says may not have permission
] to perform this action.
] when i try to go into the afs configuration when it
] asks for cell it will not accept any uppercase,
] everything is converted during typing into lower case.
] when i go into the afs client configuration, and goto
] the afs cells tab, and there is a cs.uwm.edu cell and
] when i double click into it, it goes into a properties
] for it, it then changes itself to miller.cs.uwm.edu

(changing cs.uwm.edu to miller.cs.uwm.edu is a bad idea:
the AFS cell is cs.uwm.edu, but miller.cs.uwm.edu is the 
canonical name of the host cs.uwm.edu, which is useful for HTTP
and logic, but not for AFS.)