[OpenAFS] "Illegal max volid increment" followed by very odd VolumeID for new volumes

Kim Kimball dhk@ccre.com
Sat, 15 Sep 2007 12:12:10 -0600

Hello all,

In the process of doing a dump/restore of a .backup volume to a new RW 
volume, followed by a 'vos backup' of the new volume, I got the 
following error:

" Illegal max volid increment"

The restore completed, the volume is OK, the new .backup volume can be 
dumped and restored, so in general everything looks fine but the VolID 
for new volumes are higher than anything I'm accustomed to seeing.

Typical volIDs:
    RWrite: 536870912     ROnly: 536870913     Backup: 536870914

Post 'illegal max volid' error:

    RWrite: 1659489276    Backup: 1659489277

IIRC the typical volIDs are more accurately represented with a prepended 
'0' -- i.e. 0536870912    

Any info greatly appreciated.  Are these new volIDs OK?  How come the 
bump from the nine digit (with leading 0)  to ten digit IDs?

Should I try to restore a previous instance of the VLDB and get rid of 
this thing, or is that futile and I'd end up in the same place?  Did I 
exceed a field width and that's the reason for the bump?


Dexter "Kim" Kimball