[OpenAFS] Status of Windows Vista openafs ?

John Tang Boyland boyland@cs.uwm.edu
Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:02:46 -0500

Thanks all for the help and pointers.
Unfortunately, none of the pieces of advice helped my student.
He reinstalled OpenAFS 1.5.21 and KfW 3.2.0 and got the same
behavior: if he tries to get AFS tokens: NIM waits about a minute
and says "failed to retrieve credentials" even though it has
no problem getting Kerberos 5 and Kerberos 4 credentials
if the AFS tab is turned off.  (This is second-hand from the student.)

The problem may be because we don't use kaserver: and instead run 
the KDC on the only AFS database machine (and k524 and fakeka).
In previous versions of Windows, the default token getter failed
because it tried to use Kerberos 4 protocol rather than kaserver
protocol to get the TGT (the k524 translator starts before fakeka
and so grabs some of the ports fakeka would use).  
But in older versions of Windows, it was enough to install kerberos 5.
It seems Windows VISTA OpenAFS does something different.

Sorry I can't be any clearer, but my student has given up, and
will ftp into a host that has AFS and copy files into AFS there.