[OpenAFS] AFS client causing kernel panics on Solaris 10 Update 4

Hoskins, Matthew Matthew.Hoskins@NJIT.EDU
Wed, 19 Sep 2007 10:44:10 -0400

Is there any word on this issue yet? I'm sort of in a pinch at our site.
We were waiting anxiously for some features in U4.    I am trying not to
step back to u3, but can if this is going to take a while to work
around. =20

I don't see anything new on devel- or info- lists.=20


> I think Dale is working on this one -- AFS was using some private
> kernel interfaces to enumerate the client's IP address.  These
> changed in 10u4 with the introduction of the exclusive-IP feature for
> zones.
> He'll probably post in a few minutes about it being a pain in the
> butt, but say something about making some progress. ;)
> -rob