[OpenAFS] Disconnected OpenAFS

Jim Rees rees@umich.edu
Tue, 25 Sep 2007 07:39:00 -0400

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

  For each vnode in the cache, you keep track of the
  connected/disconnected state.  While you are in the transition from
  connected -> disconnected you sync files into the cache and mark them
  disconnected.  When a request comes in for a file marked disconnected,
  you treat it as if disconnected mode was active.

But that wouldn't guarantee the consistency that Simon wants.  If you have
two files in your cache A and B, A is disconnected and B is not, then some
other client writes both files, you will have the old copy of A and the new
copy of B.  How is that any different from an implementation that does not
obtain a callback on all files before disconnecting?