[OpenAFS] AES Support ?

John Hascall john@iastate.edu
Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:35:04 CDT

> Because the code path for that would be:
> 	get a ticket
> 	make an rxk5 security object
> 	retain the ticket.
> 	make an rx connection client object.
> 	make the initial RPC call.
> 	if the RPC call fails with the right error...
> 		tear down the rx connection client object.
> 		discard the rxk5 security object.
> 		make an rxkad object with the retained ticket.
> 		make a new rx connection client object.
> 		redo the RPC call with the new connection
> 	discard the retained ticket.
> which is going to look even uglier in the source for ubik calls.

> And, um, well, old servers *won't* return an error message.
> They won't return anything at all.  So "the right error" above
> means "after an obnoxious long delay".

   Well, that certianly seems like a show-stopping mistake.