[OpenAFS] OpenAFS and OpenSUSE build service.

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.net
Wed, 26 Sep 2007 08:15:14 -0700

For what its worth I always compile my own SuSE's..

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> Ken Aaker wrote:
>> I was looking around OpenSUSE.org and looked at some of their Build
>> Service information.
> Me too, last week in fact.
>> They have a couple of versions of OpenAFS modules available, 1.4..2 and
>> 1.4.4, as well as libpag-openafs-session. I didn't see any familiar
>> names on the packages. I'm going to give their modules a try when I get
>> the 10.3 version shortly.
> I asked Matthias Eckermann (who has the 1.4.2 packages in his
> home-project home:mge1512) about the openafs-packages.
> He agreed that I could copy it and update it to openafs-1.4.4, since
> he wouldn't have the time for it.
> Thus, under my home-project home:rzg0hank you can find the 1.4.4
> packages.
>> Has anybody tried these modules yet? They also make some claims about
>> providing build services for several other distributions, like Fedora,
>> Debian, Mandriva, and Ubuntu.
> Well, since they're pretty new, I guess noone tested them yet.
> At least they install (and the client works) on OpenSUSE10.2 i586, but
> I haven't had time to try out more.
> I guess there's a lot to fix, esp. there's no binary kernel-module yet.
> Anyway, everyone should feel free to try them:
> If you want to try them out, you can use following repository-information
> where <DIST> is one of openSUSE_10.2, SLES_9 or SLE_10 (sic!).
> Since I have never used the suse-rpm before I'd appreciate any
> comment's what's desired.
> About the other Linux-Distros: It seems you can build rpm for them as
> well, but I haven't actually seen doing it.
>> (Just curious)
> I just didn't tell it here yet, because of the drawbacks mentioned above.
> Christof

Thanks Christof,

I've been building my own rpms for i586 and x86_64, using a spec file
that I cobbled together from a couple of older spec files. It builds kmp
kernel modules, but it gets a bit confused and tries to build kernel
modules for non-existent kernels, if the kernel sources aren't set up

Ken Aaker
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