[OpenAFS] Speed difference between OpenAFS 1.4.x on Debian and CentOS

Micha³ Dro¼dziewicz michal@drozdziewicz.pl
Mon, 07 Apr 2008 16:15:10 +0200

Derrick Brashear pisze:
> Not what I expected. When you self-compiled 1.4.6 on Debian, I assume
> you downloaded a tarfile from OpenAFS and did ./configure; make, yes?
> What options, if any, to configure?
I've build a debian package using default debian options (1.4.6) and 
I've compiled from source with no options for ./configure except from 
In both cases the result was the same - slow speed around 8-12MiB 
(copying from local disk to AFS structure)

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