[OpenAFS] Bug? No space left on device

Andrea Ghirardini andrea.ghirardini@atpss.net
Wed, 23 Apr 2008 12:07:03 +0200

One of the server in my afs cell has this file system mounted on / 

/dev/md2             2185046140     32856 2185013284   1% /vicepa

It's software raid with reiserfs on it

I created a volume inside it (it's name is 2097.other) and I mounted  
on my afs cell tree.

When I try to write data on it (I se no quota and I've permission to  
write) I receive this error:

pila@curio:/afs/lab.atpss.net/forensi/stato/storari/2097/other> touch  
touch: cannot touch `pippo': No space left on device

Performing an fs examine on it I receive:

pila@curio:/afs/lab.atpss.net/forensi/stato/storari/2097/other> fs  
examine .
File . (536871062.1.1) contained in volume 536871062
Volume status for vid = 536871062 named 2097.other
Current disk quota is unlimited
Current blocks used are 2
The partition has -2109953996 blocks available out of -2109921156

Now I have a dubt? Is there a 2 Tb limit for /vicepX partitions?

Let me know