[OpenAFS] Bug? No space left on device

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2008 20:40:56 -0400

Andrea Ghirardini wrote:
> One of the server in my afs cell has this file system mounted on /vicepa:
> /dev/md2             2185046140     32856 2185013284   1% /vicepa
> It's software raid with reiserfs on it
> I created a volume inside it (it's name is 2097.other) and I mounted 
> on my afs cell tree.
> When I try to write data on it (I se no quota and I've permission to 
> write) I receive this error:
> pila@curio:/afs/lab.atpss.net/forensi/stato/storari/2097/other> touch 
> pippo
> touch: cannot touch `pippo': No space left on device
> Performing an fs examine on it I receive:
> pila@curio:/afs/lab.atpss.net/forensi/stato/storari/2097/other> fs 
> examine .
> File . (536871062.1.1) contained in volume 536871062
> Volume status for vid = 536871062 named 2097.other
> Current disk quota is unlimited
> Current blocks used are 2
> The partition has -2109953996 blocks available out of -2109921156
> Now I have a dubt? Is there a 2 Tb limit for /vicepX partitions?
> ailman/listinfo/openafs-info

Hi Andrea,

Yes, there is a 2TB limit on volumes and vice partitions for AFS 
versions, but I think it has been fixed in the last release of 1.5.x or 
the next 1.5.x release. The fix was very recent and only addresses the 
vice partition limitation. volumes are still limited to 2TB.