[OpenAFS] Add new device to the cell

Måns Nilsson mansaxel@besserwisser.org
Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:36:00 +0100

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--On l=C3=B6rdag, l=C3=B6rdag 6 dec 2008 22.48.20 +0100 Jesus arteche
<chechu.linux@gmail.com> wrote:

> hey,
> Someone knows how can i add a new device to the same volumme?, i mean... =
> had /afs/mycell/my_directory...created and mounted in /vicepa...and I
> added a hd in /vicepb...and I want to mount IN
> /afs/mycell/my_directory...so if my 1=C2=BA hd was 90GB and my 2=C2=BA hd =
> 90GB...the result would be
> /afs/mycell/my_directory 180Gb....
> thanks

That is not possible.=20

Any directory that is also a mount point and is named on the form=20


will be grabbed as a partition. Adding new ones is done by mounting disk
and bos restart the file server, perhaps some more servers.=20

Then, you create volumes that reside inside this partition and only inside
that one (not counting addsite copies on other partitions, but that is not
really about size.). From this it should be obvious that volume size can't
exceed the size of the partition it is placed on.=20

Your options are:=20

* Split your data in more volumes, placing each volume on a partition large
enough to hold that volume.=20

* Set up a new partition using storage device(s) large enough to hold a
180G volume. vos move the volume there, and increase quota to suit.=20

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