[OpenAFS] AFS without Kerberos headache

Georg P. Israel info@cmosvision.com
Sun, 21 Dec 2008 18:13:30 +0100

Dear All,

this might be stupid question,
but I still like to post it on this list.

Can I use OpenAFS without the Kerberos headache???
AFS is almost exactly what I need. Only this damn Kerberos makes my life
In fact what I need ideally is a file system like NFS just with the
added features needed to use it in a Metropolitan Network setup, i.e.
local caching of files.

AFS seems to do this in a good way, but Kerberos is a constant annoyance
to it. I do have machines that generate simulation data and have to work
for weeks. If I like to do this with the current OpenAFS setup, I'll
have to log in once a day and refresh the damn Kerberos token :-(.

Hence, is there a way to disable this Kerberos time out??

If you know of a solution to this, then please let me know.

Best regards

Georg P. Israel

info at CMOSVision dot com