[OpenAFS] create mountpoint for user in afs

Matthias Teege openafs-info@openafs.org
Mon, 7 Jan 2008 13:45:23 +0000


I'm new to AFS and have a question about the mountpoints. I've
created a volume user.matthias that should be mounted under
/afs/mteege.de/user/matthias but there is no /afs/mteege.de/user on my
AFS. So I've created it with

mkdir /afs/mteege.de/user

and then

fs mkmount /afs/mteege.de/user/matthias user.matthias -rw

Then I checked the setup with fs lsmount.

% fs lsmount /afs/mteege.de/user
fs : Invalid argument; it is possible that /afs/mteege.de/user is not in AFS.
% fs lsmount /afs/mteege.de/user/matthias
'/afs/mteege.de/user/matthias' is a mount point for volume '%user.matthias'

Is this ok or do I need to create the mountpoint /afs/mteege.de/user in
AFS? How do I create a mountpoint in AFS?

Many thanks