[OpenAFS] dir name length dependent 'File too large' error

Matthias Witte witte@netzquadrat.de
Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:40:18 +0100

I have no explaination, why we get a file too large error in this case:


	is a volume without quota containing 31707 subdirectories, each name of
	which has 32 characters length.

	$ fs examine /afs/foo.org/webfax/b 
	File /afs/foo.org/webfax/b (536871032.1.1) contained in volume 536871032
	Volume status for vid = 536871032 named wfax.b
	Current disk quota is unlimited
	Current blocks used are 13884367
	The partition has 1133660144 blocks available out of 1302880632

Now if I try to create a directory with a name longer than 15 characters I get 
a 'file too large' error.

However if the name is only 15 characters long no error occurs, I can at
least create 15 more directories (i haven't tried how much more).

The client and server version is 1.4.2, the systems are running the amd64
flavour of debian etch, that is the debian maintainer has backported and
applied several patches from later releases and bugfixes.

Which limit am I hitting here and is there a way to resolve this problem?


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