[OpenAFS] HP-UX 11iv3 (11.31)

jbygden jonas.bygden@scania.com
Tue, 15 Jan 2008 04:15:21 -0800 (PST)

jbygden wrote:
> Derrick Brashear wrote:
>> On Jan 9, 2008 7:26 AM, jbygden <jonas.bygden@scania.com> wrote:
>>> Anyone been able to build OpenAFS (1.4.[456]) on HP-UX 11.31 ia64?
>> I haven't laid hands on one of these to try. The config files probably
>> aren't there but that's not really a hard bit of editing.
> Well,
> It seems like HP have done some restructuring of include-files between
> 11.23 and 11.31, here are some examples:
> On a host with 11.31:
> root@11.31 # uname -a
> HP-UX 11.31 B.11.31 U ia64 0955035248 unlimited-user license
> root@11.31 # find /usr -name user.h
> root@11.31 # find /usr -name map.h
> root@11.31 # find /usr -name vfs_vm.h
> root@11.31 # 
> And this obviously creates a ton of errors at compile time. I have
> contacted HP-support about this, but (based on experience) I don't expect
> a satisfying answer. So I'm hoping that someone else has tried and
> resolved this somehow.
> /Jonas

OK, now I have gotten some responses from HP support:

First answer about these three files:

> apparently all these 3 files are kernel header files, and it seems they
> have been removed because they
> shouldn't be used otherwise. Two of them contain the following note:
>  *  NOTE:
>  *      This header file contains information specific to the internals
>  *      of the HP-UX implementation.  The contents of this header file
>  *      are subject to change without notice.  Such changes may affect
>  *      source code, object code, or binary compatibility between
>  *      releases of HP-UX.  Code which uses the symbols contained within
>  *      this header file is inherently non-portable (even between HP-UX
>  *      implementations).
> ....
> So - you should not use the files.

Next answer, to the question where I might find the structs defined in these
header files:

> there are many differences between 11iv2 and v3 in the kernel area. These
> headers simply do no longer
> exist, because their contents don't make sense in an 11.31 kernel.
> The customer's driver cannot be compiled for 11.31, they need to migrate
> it. They could start with
> removing the references to these headers and see what's missing, then
> check for a replacement.
> Suitable documentation can be found in the DSPP, e.g.
> HP-UX 11i v3 (PA-RISC and HP Integrity systems) driver development
> information
> http://h21007.www2.hp.com/portal/site/dspp/menuitem.863c3e4cbcdc3f3515b49c108973a801/?ciid=a808f321e5f02110f321e5f02110275d6e10RCRD
> Further support on kernel driver development can be obtained via the DSPP
> (registration required), and
> will be handled directly through the labs.

These two answers together makes me feel rather sh*t out of luck of ever
getting OpenAFS to work on 11.31 (ia64). It's probably doable, but my
programming knowledge (especially kernel modules) doesn't reach the level
that i need to get this to work.

Is there someone out there that can help me? I *might* be able to provide a
system to try out the compilation on.


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