[OpenAFS] problems with file links under Windows XP

Lars Richter Lars.Richter@prodesigncad.de
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:42:45 +0100

Hello all,

we get some serious problems with file links in our environment.

We are using OpenAFS for Windows version 1.5.30 and Linux AFS-Servers=20

When we create a file link under Linux with a pattern like=20
"PATH/../../PATH" and the path is longer than 100 characters, we get an=20
error on Windows "Permission denied". In a 64bit environment the=20
AFS-Client crashes with a message "OpenAFS Stopping due to error=20
(cm_scache.c:1783): cm_scache_t refCount 0." in the EventLog.

I did some tests with older versions. The result is, that the latest=20
version without the error is 1.5.21. I think, there is a problem in the=20
recursion detection feature in version 1.5.22, which was partly fixed in=20
1.5.23 and 1.5.24.

Does the path have a pattern like "PATH/../PATH" there are no problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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