[OpenAFS] problems with file links under Windows XP

Lars Richter Lars.Richter@prodesigncad.de
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:34:30 +0100

Jeffrey Altman schrieb:
> A minidump in this case is not going to be useful because the
> relevant information is the panic data plus a description of
> how to reproduce the problem.

Ok! I thought it could help!

>> A public test case isn't possible, because we don't have a public cell.
> Then you have to provide enough details to permit me to reconstruct
> the test environment so that the problem can be reproduced.

Here are the links we use:

This is the link without problems, which I made by hand.

        pd_cpp_flexlm.h -> 

This is one link which is created by scripts, which we have problems with.

        pd_cpp_flexlm.h -> 

A shorter link of the same kind works without problems.

README -> /afs/pd-ef.ef/tmp/ril/sw/php/../../README.txt

> I ask only so I can determine what priority to associate with the bug.
> If this is a minor inconvenience I am not going to rush out a new 
> general release.

It is not really critical. But we need a solution in further clients, 
because we don't want to stick in older releases. The only problem is, 
that I have to downgrade some systems to 1.5.21 in the build environment.