[OpenAFS] Find(1) behavior

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Fri, 25 Jan 2008 12:39:18 +0100


I'll continue to spam the list with other odd things that I notice :-)

Environment: Redhat 4.3, OpenAFS 1.4.5 on both server and client.

find does not seems to cross AFS mountpoint boundaries.  If I stand in a 
directory with ~4000
mounted volumes and do a "find . -type d" it will only list the 
mountpoints, not the contents
of the subdirectories.  If I go down into a subdirectory, it will find 
everything below.

An strace of find shows that it just lstat the directories and nothing 
more; example

lstat64("ragge", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0777, st_size=2048, ...}) = 0

which says that it is a directory.  Heh?

-- Ragge