[OpenAFS] Fedora repo?

Bjorge Solli bjorge.solli@it.uib.no
Mon, 21 Jul 2008 19:12:28 +0200

Russ Allbery skrev:
> Bjorge Solli <bjorge.solli@it.uib.no> writes:
>> It should, I just expected to use the latest version (1.5.x) and never
>> thought of looking in the 1.4.x branch.
>> Any particular reason why 1.5.x is not precompiled for linux?
> 1.5.x is a development release not recommended for production use on UNIX
> and Linux, so it doesn't have as many builds.

Ah. Then I understand much more! Thanks for clarifying.

To the maintainers of the repo;
may I suggest a symlink 'stable' to the latest 1.4.x so we don't have to
change the repo for a new version?

I also had a small (though solvable) "bug" using the repo like this:
# yum install openafs-client
It relies on kernel-i586, but I have kernel-i686 installed, so it
suggests to remove kernel-i686 together with all it's kmod-* and then to
install kernel-i586 (but not the corresponding kmod-*). This might be a
"feature" of yum rather than the package though.
It was easily solvable by instead doing a
# yum install kmod-openafs
which perfectly installed the kmod-openafs-i686 module and
openafs{,-client} as dependencies.