[OpenAFS] Compiling on Redhat 8.0

jcw@highperformance.net jcw@highperformance.net
Sun, 27 Jul 2008 14:09:44 -0700

I am compiling 1.4.7 on Redhat 8.0.  It's working fairly well. The 
service even worked. I noted that I hadn't installed a new kernel 
module.  I figured that wasn't good.

So I set about getting an updated kernel module installed.  I'm 
unfamiliar with building on linux.  I have kernel version 2.4.18-14. 
The build creates libafs-2.4.18-14custom.o.  Apparently there is some 
internal indication of the kernel version built into the module.  How 
can I set that?  I see nothing that ./configure controls regarding 
kernel version.

How/where do I get the SymTable?  I noticed that none is installed but 
that ./init.d/afs is looking for it in /usr/vice/etc/modload.  This 
SymTable is needed to determine the value of LIBAFS which is then loaded 
into the kernel.

I just noticed the dates on the files of my old install.  I have been 
running 1.2.8 for five years!

Jason C. Wells