[OpenAFS] Volume root corruptions - anybody seen those?

Steve Simmons scs@umich.edu
Tue, 3 Jun 2008 17:08:14 -0400

On Jun 3, 2008, at 3:18 AM, Rainer Toebbicke wrote:

> We've started a program of low rate preventive salvages of  
> individual volumes (in -nowrite, per volume while fileserver is  
> running, mainly to spot irregularities) and ran into the following  
> problem . . .
> Sounds all logical for a corrupted directory, so the question is  
> where did it get corrupted. This is openafs 1.4.4 still.

It has been my experience that afs backup/restore and vos copy/dump/ 
move/etc all faithfully preserve any corruption in a volume. So an  
important question: are these volumes which were once clean with 1.4.4  
and then become corrupt? Or are the volumes that weren't salvaged with  
actual cleanup in a long long time and are only now being cleaned? If  
the latter, it's possible this is some bug from long ago. If the  
former, the bug is almost surely present in 1.4.4.