gnome-vfs AFS patches (Was: Re: [OpenAFS] hardlinks, sftp, and returning EXDEV)

Alexander Boström
Wed, 04 Jun 2008 11:47:12 +0200

tis 2007-12-11 klockan 23:04 -0500 skrev Derrick Brashear:

> Most things (mv) usefully handle EXDEV; Basically nothing handles

(Oooh, a thread, let's pull it!)

I patched gnome-vfs to handle EXDEV on rename() and also enabled
creating trash folders on AFS. Without the patch, drag'n'drop between
volumes fails and the Trash on the desktop always looks empty no matter
what the contents of ~/.Trash are.

You can find my source and binary RPM:s for RHEL5 here:

The patches can currently be found here, but dig through the RPMs
instead if you can:

You're just going to have to live with the fact that it spawns a /bin/mv
as a fallback or fix that yourself if you care enough. Comments and
updates (especially better error handling) are welcome.

Please note that gnome-vfs is on the way out. It's being replaced by
"gio". I've been meaning to try logging in with my home directory in AFS
on Fedora 9 (which has new enough GNOME to use gio) but I haven't had
the chance yet.