[OpenAFS] how do I know if I'm in AFS

Kim Kimball dhk@ccre.com
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 09:39:50 -0600

David Bear wrote:
> aside from taking the full path to the file I'm stat'ing, is there any 
> other operating system independent way to tell if I'm looking at a 
> file in afs?
> stat can return directory, link, file types. Are there other codes 
> that could be use to test for 'inAFS'?
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> David Bear
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> 602-464-0424 
Hi David,

fs lq returns useful error codes:

[kim@angel bo]$ fs lq
Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
user.k.kim                 no limit  23928220    0%         60%
[kim@angel bo]$ echo $?
[kim@angel bo]$ cd /
[kim@angel /]$ fs lq
Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
fs: Invalid argument; it is possible that . is not in AFS.
[kim@angel /]$ echo $?
[kim@angel /]$