[OpenAFS] Windows client in Citrix

Simon Wilkinson sxw@inf.ed.ac.uk
Thu, 6 Mar 2008 20:39:08 +0000

On 6 Mar 2008, at 20:30, Robin Manke-Cassidy wrote:
> I am also looking for anyone that has a really good user interface  
> to AFS space through a web interface.

We're using filedrawers (http://www.filedrawers.org/) with some  
success here. The user interface is both clean and powerful - it  
works well on PDAs, too (My boss has taken to wandering the  
corridors, browsing his homedirectory on a Nokia 810). We make our  
filedrawers installation available to guest users, too - contact me  
off list if you'd like to have a look at it.

There was a talk on filedrawers at the 2006 Best Practices Workshop -  
see http://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw06/talks/jarod.willn.html for  
more details of that.