[OpenAFS] Windows client tuning question

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Thu, 06 Mar 2008 21:13:50 -0800

While poking around, I saw the RxMaxMtu notes, and I set it
to 1500. It now shows in rxdebug as 1444. I'm guessing that's correct
due to overhead. I'll set it to 0.

I also added the RxExtraPackets thing on my test machine,
and it now shows 3549 free packets...    I'll get this
version installed on my end-user's box with these adjustments
ASAP. :-)

Many thanks,

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Mike Polek wrote:
>> Yup... exactly what I'm looking for. I'm hoping that will simply
>> solve my issue. :-)
> Also if you are not using the Cisco VPN delete the RxMaxMTU registry 
> value or set it to 0.   You will see a big difference.